Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Got this one from the mysterious W, formerly of "Merde In France," now of Miffed Again. Seems that the French just hate Lance Armstrong, not because they're narcissistic fascists, but just because:
Americans, you are hated here (Les américains, vous êtes détestés ici)
After Lance Armstrong's 6th record Tour de France victory yesterday, France2 TV (State television and keeper of the State Party Line) presented a poll which ranked Lance as France's 3rd most hated sports personality. The main reason given? 'Because he is American'. Such is the across-the-board anti-Americanism that is currently eating away at France, a country now submerged by obsessional hatred of Jews and Americans. French house organs now admit that the hatred is not directed only against Bush as some of France's lesser intellects continue to affirm.

Don't you just love them?